How to remove notification badge in Hamro Patro

Recently, we pushed dashain notifications. Unfortunately, we did some mistake while sending the notification, and you would be seeing a red badge with “1” in app icon. The badge doesn’t go away by opening the app, and even by re-installing it. We understand, it can be very annoying. We are preparing a new update to fix this issue. In the mean time, we request all iOS users to follow these instructions to remove the badge from the app icon.


1) Step One

Go to Settings



2) Step two

Tap Notifications


3) Step Three

Tap “Nepali Calendar”



4) Step Four

Finally, tap the “Badge App Icon” to disable it.

5) Step five

After that you will see following screen, and the notification badge would be removed from

hamropatro icon.

Please let us know if this solution worked in comment below.


37 thoughts on “How to remove notification badge in Hamro Patro

  1. Really it was quite annoying. But the instruction worked. Thanks Admin. But what about any notifications in future? Currently App Icon is disabled, and it is just for a temporary solution I guess.

    1. Future notification won’t cause any problem, we just mistakenly increased the counter. The future update will fix the issue. Then,you might want to enable the badge again. Sorry, and thanks for the understanding.

  2. I saw loadshedding schedule attached in hamro patro app in android app, but why is it not available in ios?? It shoud be included in ios also.

  3. yes it worked but need to find the permanent solution.
    But this way will not show any notification. Need some permanent solution

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