Hamro Patro Version 8.0 [Lollipop Update]

Check out our new update.

Today, I am excited to blog about latest lollipop update in one of most popular Nepali apps i.e. None other than, Hamro Patro. Recently, Hamro Patro have gotten updated with new features like; eCards, Brand New Gallery and lots more.

Let’s get it with detail. I am damn sure that, whenever you will open this app; your eyes will stick in a new menu drawer which looks more polished than before. If you don’t believe, then have a look the following snapshot of this app.

Brand New Hamro Patro App Brand New Hamro Patro App

1. eCards:

eCards @ Hamro Patro eCards @ Hamro Patro

With the latest update, now you can choose so many eCards on Birthdays, Anniversary, Special Occasions etc. You can get lots more when you sign in through your Facebook account and also share eCards to your friends.

2. Brand New Gallery:

Gallery @ Hamro Patro Gallery @ Hamro Patro

Every day, you will get beautiful wallpaper…

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