Holi is one of the main festivals of Hindus celebrated in Nepal and some other parts of the world. Holi is also known as Fagu Poornima and often called the festival of colors and love. It is celebrated with great joy sharing love and putting colors to friends and relatives. It is celebrated to mark the victory against the demon Holika.

This festival is marked by playing with colors, colored water, water filled balloons and water guns. Generally it is played with friends, families, relatives and even with strangers. Many people also consume intoxicating drinks like Bhang to mark this festival. Holi basically signifies the victory of good over evil,  forget and forgive and repair ruptured relationship.



One thought on “Holi

  1. हेल्लो मित्र यदि तिमि समझदार हो भने होलि हिन्दु हरुको नभनेर नेपाली हरु को महान पर्ब हो भन्ने लेख नत्र के आलु को दिमाग हो कि के हो साला

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