Celebrating a milestone of 1 Million Downloads !!!

Today Hamro Patro is celebrating a milestone of one million downloads for Android users. We would like to bestow our sincere thanks to all Hamro Patro users. It was not possible without your love and support that you have shown to us. We are thankful for your constant suggestions and feedback during this journey.


The first version of Hamro Patro for iOS was released back in October, 2010 and we made it available for Android Users in 2012.We are proud to cover the CA election and FIFA world cup through Hamro Patro without even taking a break for single minute. We are constantly looking forward to adding more innovative features in the future. Today we would like to thank all our users, Hamro Patro team and all our well wishers who have contributed to this immense success. Hamro Patro is now a big family of 1 Million and the counting still continues….


121 thoughts on “Celebrating a milestone of 1 Million Downloads !!!

  1. It is one of the best app, I request to developer to add reminder so I can save my important schedule in Nepali time .

  2. hamro patro is very successful app. version. Thankful for developers and product unit. I think in future time its giving us all important things.

  3. I like too congratulations to apps maker of hamro patro it was very helpful and easy to use I wish u a good progress

  4. I think hamro patro is very important to see date. and I have not wants to calendar. and I see enjoy for enjoy to date and other other news..and who making a hamro patro. .then I will say a congratulations. …..

  5. यो एप्लिकेसन धेरै काम दायक छ । अनि बधाइ पनि छ ।

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